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Building a house in Casey just got easier

13 Aug 2018 | Simon Phillips

The City of Casey has launched a new online tool designed to support Casey residents during the process of building a new home.
In an Australian Council first, Casey's new 'Build a House' platform is equipped with all the tricks of the trade and information about the many steps involved in building a new house.
Both new and experienced home builders are encouraged to check out the website, which details the stages of building a home; including understanding your finances, locating land, locking in a builder and getting construction started.
City of Casey Mayor Cr Geoff Ablett said that with so many new residents coming to Casey every year, it's important to have tools such as these to ensure residents have everything they need right at their doorstep.
"Not only can the build and design of a new home be daunting, but sometimes it's just as hard to decide where to live depending what your lifestyle requires," he said.

"This Casey first initiative provides information that will allow home builders to make a well-informed choice when determining where in Casey they will choose to live, while also providing useful advice on key stages involved in building a home."

The website lists eight key milestones, including:

  • Understanding your finances
  • Your location and lifestyle
  • Finding your land
  • Choosing a house
  • Locking in a builder
  • Signing the contract
  • Under construction
  • Moving in

There are also various checklists that residents can use to ensure they're on the right track.
Cr Ablett said there isn't any other tool available to Casey residents that combines the information in the same way as this website.

"Council has pooled information from the Government, the building industry and community services to guide a new homebuilder throughout their experience, while also providing relevant information relating to Casey.
"You're not just building a house, you're building a home.We encourage potential residents to use this new platform to get to know what your local community has to offer and what you can look forward to as a Casey resident."
The Build a House platform can be found at